TruTip™ Christmas Trees

TruTip™ is the latest innovation in custom Christmas tree tips and branches. With TruTip™ techonology, forest grown trees can be replicated with the highest degree of accuracy. Injection molded PE plastic tips and needles use multiple color pigments to create deep color variations that range from light to dark. TruTip™ Christmas trees are so natural looking that your guests will swear it's the real thing!

TruTip Canadian Fir


Lifelike Christmas Trees Without The Hassle

The best part about a TruTip™ Christmas tree is that unlike a live tree, a TruTip™ will last for many years and never requires maintenance. Benefits of artificial Christmas trees include:

  • No annual repurchasing
  • No watering

  • No clean-up

  • No disposal

Prelit TruTip™ Christmas trees are ready to assemble and light. Molded PE tips offer the most realistic touch and feel to any artificial tree. Ends are rounded like a live tree tip, and needles remain strong and beautiful year after year. Each style of tree has its own unique needle formation, designed after the live trees in the forest. The Fraser Fir TruTip™ Christmas tree is even sparse at the top and base of the tree, with bark wrapped branches and trunk for an amazingly realistic appearance.

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How It's Made

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